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Create and publish your press releases and news in seconds using AI and the Mynewsdesk platform.

Access a database containing more than a million journalists and identify those who are most relevant to your topics.

Share your content on social media or create email send-outs – directly from the platform.

Create & publish your story

Monitor your brand

With the most user-friendly media monitoring software on the market, you can easily monitor millions of sources in real-time.

Stay on top of what’s being written about your brand, your competitors, and your industry – and track trends over time.

Use insights and analyses from your media monitoring to build strategies and proactively plan your PR and communication efforts.

Monitor your brand

Measure the effect of your PR

Track your media coverage and get statistics on how your published content is performing.

Through the use of AI and natural language processing, the platform will detect when your content is being picked up by the media and alert you in real-time.

By measuring the PR effect of your communication, you’ll gain insights on which content provides the most impact and which media channels offer you the best chances of exposure.

Measure and analyse your impact

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Anders S - Mynewsdesk - a perfect PR tool
Anders S.

“Mynewsdesk - a perfect PR tool”

User-friendly and easy to use. Works perfect – the press releases reach the journalists and get published. In addition, the employees at Mynewsdesk is a great bunch of people – very dedicated and helpful (I consider them being my colleagues).

John A - The smoothest option out there for PR pros
John A.

"The smoothest option out there for PR pros"

Mynewsdesk combines the basic elements that you would expect of this type of service – contacts, distribution etc. But where it wins out is in its ability ot have a customised online newsroom which can be designed to look like part of your company website…

Christian H - Easy to use and great results with good analytics follow up
Christian H.

“Easy to use and great results with good analytics follow up!”

Onboarding and training to start with. It is easy to plan, develop and execute the distribution of content and to get good information about outcomes!


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Access news and press releases from more than 4000 companies and organisations worldwide in one place. Easily monitor topics, industries, and companies – and find relevant press materials and press contacts in the same platform. With Mynewsdesk, you can do your research on your own terms.

Mynewsdesk in numbers

1 Million

contacts in our global database


of our customers gets their press releases published in the media

29 000

journalists and opinion makers that subscribe to news from Mynewsdesk

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